Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



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The purpose of this study is to examine users’ perception of library services, resources and facilities in Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun (FUPRE). This study adopted a descriptive survey research design. The researcher used a simple random sampling technique in selecting samples for the study. The instrument used for data collection in this study was a structured questionnaire. The respondents comprises of registered users of the library, which cut across the entire academic community, which includes the lecturers, non –teaching members of staff, students and external researchers among others who registered between October, 2014- August, 2019. Out of 200 copies of questionnaires distributed, 150 copies were filled and returned for analysis hence given a response rate of 75% which was found usable for the study. The data collected from the respondents were analyzed using descriptive statistics (Frequency counts and Percentage). The study revealed that undergraduate students who were majority visit the library daily; followed by academic staff while non teaching staff and other researcher hardly visit the library to use its resources, services and facilities. Majority of the respondents visited the library to do assignments, to consult textbooks followed by to consult reference materials, to study for examinations, among others. In terms of services users were satisfied with library user education /orientation services, library research help service, library references services and dissatisfied with internet services, library electronic services, inter-library loan services and library loan services. In terms of resources, users were satisfied with Encyclopedia and Year Books. While users were dissatisfied with library books, journals, magazines, electronic resources, online resources, among others. In terms of facilities users were satisfied with the library printer, photocopying machine, digital board /projectors, notice board and shelves, while users were dissatisfied with tables and chairs, reading carrels, fans /air conditioning, networked computers, internet access, scanners, laminating machine, instructional facilities. Majority of the users were satisfied with the library personnel. In terms of general assessment of the library, users were satisfied with the library policy, assistance from the librarians, the position of the library in meeting users’ needs, the rules and regulations as well as organization of the library. Users were dissatisfied with the library location, building book lending procedure and opening and closing time



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