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Gever, V. C & Okoro, N. (2020). Influence of Facebook Users’ Self-Presentation Tactics on Their Response to Persuasive Political Messages. Library philosophy and practice (e-Journal), 1-20.


This study examined the influence of self-presentation tactics of Facebook users on their response to persuasive political messages. The self-presentation tactics examined were supplication, ingratiation, self-promotion, success and basking. The responses to political persuasive messages among Facebook users were evaluated using measures like ignoring of posts, viewing posts, commenting on posts, clicking the like option as well as sharing of posts. A total of three null hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Survey research design was used for the study. The questionnaire was the instrument for data collection. In the analysis of data for the study, the researcher used simple percentages, mean and standard deviation, weighted mean, correlation, Chi-Square tests as well as multiple regression. The result of the study showed that self-presentation significantly predicts response to persuasive political messages. It was also found that a significant relationship exists between message elements and the response of Facebook users. Also, it was found that the source of Facebook message plays a role in influencing the responses of Facebook users. Recommendations have been made based on the results of the study.