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Date of this Version

Winter 2019


Purpose - Webometric studies, using link analysis between websites and URL analysis as the basic data type, have been used to assess institutional networks, and to analyse the level of homogeneity among the CIHMs websites.

Design/methodology/approach - data were collected from the websites of all 21 IHMs (Central institutes) using three different tools, viz., Google search engine; (earlier and (originally developed by AOL).

Findings – The present study results show that a total of 8 different domain names are used by the 21 central IHMs. This phenomenon explains that there is no homogeneity among the CIHMs websites. Analysis of the number of web pages and link pages of these websites reflects that some CIHMs have higher number of web pages, but correspondingly their link pages are very small in number and websites fall behind in their simple web impact factor.