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Fall 11-21-2019

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Open Access is the free online availability of digital contents, scholarly journal articles, research results that authors publish without expectation of payment and is based on an ethical argument that research funded by the public should be available to the public. Open Access operates within the legal framework and owns the original copyrights for their work. Authors can transfer the rights to publishers to post the work on the web or else can retain the right to post their work on the archives. This article talks about the influence of open access in the present era. The objectives of the researcher have been clearly defined. A thorough in-depth literature review has been provided on the subject of the study. The initiatives on the Indian side towards open access has been defined with the table showing various repositories. Then the role played by Librarians towards the open access movement has been discussed. A few suggestions have been given by the researcher for consideration and finally, the conclusion has been drawn on the above subject.