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This paper indicates the growth and development of publications of Nanao physics during the period of 2010-2017.1914 records collected through Web of Science. The highest productive journal in this field is the Journal of Applied Physics. In the authorship pattern, the top-ranked position is Wang H with 14 records. The publication level is high in the year 2012 with 514 papers. Chinese Academic Science was. The USA is the most top collaborative country with 495 records, and most of the articles are published in the English language. The most prolific single authors with 199 papers were in the year 2011 and multi authors in the year 2012 with 499 records. In this article Bradford law, Price square root law, and Pareto principles are applied. In the Bradford law, the core zone of the journal, 2 articles covered 714 articles and second zone 24 journals included in 616 articles and 393 journals covered 584 articles.