Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 10-1-2019


ABSTRACT This study asses the factor influencing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) competencies among library staff in university libraries. The objective of the study was to find how competent library staff are in using ICT facilities to do their job. The Findings revealed that many library staff in university libraries perform Microsoft Word based tasks like typing and printing of documents, can provide online searches using internet but cannot perform effective professional library related duties using ICT. Staff need ICT competencies in the areas that can assist them handle professional related duties, like internet skills, mastery of library soft wares and technical skills. Library staff acquired ICT training mainly through personal practice, on the job training, seminars, conferences and workshops, but preferred training through library schools. The major problems that hindered ICT competency acquisition among library staff are lack of funding, higher authority not willing to release their staff to go for further training, lack of opportunities, lack of ICT training facilities and inadequate curriculum content for ICT in the library schools. Strategies to improve the ICT competencies of library staff are by provision of more ICT facilities in library schools, development of personal interest by staff to acquire ICT competencies, sponsorship and study grants, study leave to be granted to staff to go for Competency acquisition trainings, also the authority should be willing to release staff for studies and recruit more staff to reduce work load. Suggestions on areas for further studies on ICT competencies of library staff were also made.