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Winter 11-26-2019

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Lone, M. I., Wahid, A., & Shakoor, A. A Study of Preservation Aspects of Libraries in Srinagar. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal).


The paper is part of big research work carried out in Srinagar, India


Although libraries are in existence from the time writing got evolved. However, preservation aspects were not taken into consideration seriously till recent times when the damage by different factors was noticed. The damage by insects, human, environmental factors and others could cause a vacuum to the already accumulated knowledge over the centuries of human history. The present study is an effort in this direction to ascertain the various facts related to preservation in different libraries in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir. The situation can be considered to be threatening as there is lack of awareness among the Library and Information Science professionals. Further, the libraries are not well equipped and well maintained except few ones.