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Information anorexia can be defined as lack of or reduced absorption of information, especially information which necessary for everyday life and work. This research tries to investigate the correlation between application of information technology and information anorexia in a higher education setting. This survey was conducted among higher education students in “Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman” (Iran). Data collected from 343 higher education students through cluster sampling. Findings revealed that there was a direct relationship between expected performance and the expected effort in information technology and information anorexia; and a direct relationship between information technology and information anorexia. Also, there was an inverse relationship between social influence and facilitators in information technology and information anorexia. The results of this study showed that despite the abundance of information and the advancement of information technology in the present era, the unawareness of the proper utilization of these facilities had led to a massive baseless information- without scientific authority. This is an important factor in the creation and growth of information anorexia toward authoritative information.



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