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This study is a case study. The study sought to establish the problems of collection development in Anambra State Library Board. The study was conducted in Awka Local Government Area of Anambra state which is in South East Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria. The population of the study consists of 10 librarians working in Kenneth Dike Library (KDL) in Awka Anambra State. The entire population was used as such there was no sampling. This is because the population was small and manageable. Four research questions guided the study. The instrument for data collection was a questionnaire designed by the researchers based on the four research questions. The instrument titled ‘Extent of Problems of Collection Development Questionnaire (EPCDQ)’ was validated by two experts in the department of Library Science Ojukwu University, Anambra State. EPCDQ was structured on four-point scale of strongly agreed (SA), agreed (A), disagreed (D) and strongly disagreed (SD). The researchers administered the questionnaire personally. Data was collected within one week. All the questionnaire administered were duly filled and returned. The data obtained through the questionnaire was analysed using simple percentages and frequency tables. The major findings reveal that collection evaluation in KDL is mostly based on the opinion of the librarian, there exists a non-written collection development policy in Anambra State Library Board, the acquisition method used for collection development in Anambra State Library Board is gifts and donations. The researchers recommended amongst others that the librarian should always ensure that collection evaluation is properly done, Anambra State Library Board should have a written collection development policy.



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