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Winter 12-3-2019


The current study was designed to find out the use of social networking sites among students of the the light of today's modern and digital era of social media /social networking sites every individual is well aware of these changes as well as future changes. The present study has a number of research objectives that have been tested to see how university students are taking social networking sites. The prime objectives of the study are to find out the perception of SNS among the University of Balochistan (UoB) students, to identify the purpose of usage, to determine the frequency of usage and to disclose the issues associated with SNS usage among the university students. The descriptive survey method has been used to collect useful data from the selected population. The semi-structured questionnaires were distributed among the students of the University of Balochistan Quetta. The 250 copies of questionnaires were distributed and 205 were returned with full responses that were 82%.majority of them were male. The result of the study revealed that the majority of them using social media. The respondents were well aware of social media and they used social media for academic purposes. The majority of the respondents used social media for instant messaging and email. The study revealed that all the respondents were facing too many problems while using social media. The present study was suggested that the university authority should bound the study to use social mediaforonly academic purposes.



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