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The proposed study aims to analyze that Citations and h-Index variations analyzed based on records of Web of Science (WoS) and Google Scholar Metrics (GSM). The citations and h-Index for research credential of the faculty members in Alagappa University based on both WoS and GSM during 1989-2018. It is found form the analysis the highest output of 262(10.90%) of the publications. in the year 2018, whereas citations found to be 298 for h-Index only 7 acquired by the whole faculty members of Alagappa University for the year 2018. It is analyzed maximum 290 (12.20%) of the publications contributed by the researchers from Central Electro chemical Research Institute was highly collaborated with Alagappa Universities , which has top Citations and h-Index 3852 and 32 respectively. The propounded according to Google Scholar Metrics (GSM) SK Pandian was to be a top ranked researcher, despite his year wise citations shows 4491 and h-Index credited 36 during 2008-2018.