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Fall 1-4-2020

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Aramide, K.O., Ajibola, R.E., Olatunji S.O. & Oduroye P. (2019) Improving Records Management and Security for Successful Business Performance: The Role of New Media. Library Philosophy and Practice


The paper identifies how New Media has become one important phenomenon in shaping records management and security of information for successful business performance. With the advent of new media, paper documents could be read and converted automatically into electronic files thereby saving man hour of expensive data entry labour. The paper examines how records stored on electronic media can be readily accessed, and the importance of document security through proper document management. The paper findings reveals that records management plays a vital role in running a successful business and that businesses maintain sensitive information daily, as a result security measures are a critical issue. It is recommended that Electronic records should be reliably and securely maintained in their electronic form because preserving the context and structure of records and facilitating access to them is best accomplished in the electronic environment