Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Summer 2-12-2020


Educational institutions are the place where the significance of social consciousness and activeness can be made evident to society. Institutional libraries have an indisputable role to do this wellness. The paper tries to highlight and focus on some successful design and implementation of various services for the extension at the Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies Libraries. The study examines the challenges and opportunities of a library within the capacity of a B-school institution. In addition, the study also discusses the role of academic libraries and librarians in using their resources for the betterment of society. The aim of the study is to put light on the practical aspect with the case study of how to correlate the involvement of the library staff and its resources for the socially relevant academic extension programmes. The main focus of the paper is to enrich the role of socially responsible librarianship within the ability of a business school Library.



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