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Winter 1-1-2020




The present work explains the E-resources utility by 200 students of JSS AHER constituent colleges and departments. A data’s were collected through a standard questionnaire. The study explores the level of understanding and usefulness of e-resources. It was identified from the study that the electronic resources are slowly replacing with print media. A sample of 200 students from the various colleges &departments of JSS AHER was evaluated and the response rate was found to be 80per cent. The aim of this study was to assess the level of information accessed by the students. The data was collected through structured questionnaires and analysed with Microsoft excel sheet with a simple percentage technique. The results revealed that, approximately 51% student’s visit library regularly on daily basis for using library resources; 94% students use the e- resources for study purpose; while 85% students prefer for use e- resources through Google search engine. while 96% students likely access e journals, while 85% students satisfied use e- resources through OPAC search, while 96% students rated satisfied library environment in library facilities,Approximately 50% students finding difficulty in using the library catalogue so these population requires proper orientation for library resources.