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The limited condition of visual sense functions experienced by teenagers with visual impairment does not make them safe from exposure to porn-media. Now porn-media is everywhere in various forms and types. Accidentally or unintentionally, people with visual impairment still have the risk of accessing pornographic content through internet media. This research was initiated by the existence of cases caused by the impact of porno-media on teenagers with visual impairment, so the aim of this research was to find out the condition of porn-media exposure, the origin of access and internet resources accessed by blind people who attended school in the SLBN A Wiyataguna complex. This study uses a descriptive case study method with an intrinsic single type of case. The sample was taken from students who were able to understand the questions distributed through questionnaires which became the main data of research other than the interviews results, and FGDs with related parties, as well as literature studies. Based on the results, it is known that most of the students have been exposed to porn-media exposure which originated from a friend's submission, or accidental access, and also known that most students know that porn content can be accessed through the Google and YouTube applications.



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