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Acknowledgement: The author owes his deep sense of gratitude and sincere thanks to all the associations / organizations who readily agree to share their members data, to all the professionals who have submitted their details and donated some amount to meet the printing cost of the directory and to all his M.L.I.Sc. Students of 2015-2017, 2016-2018, 2017-2019 batch who took the trouble to verify the data included in the directory.


Purpose: The aim of the work is to develop a directory of Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals working within the geographic location of Assam in print (book) and VCard (mobile) format.

Design/methodology/approach: Email and Mobile Numbers of LIS professionals in Assam are collected from existing associations, online platforms, educational institutes and employers. Later on, individuals were contacted through different means to collect their details for inclusion of their name in the directory.

Findings: The "Directory of LIS Professionals in Assam" with 399 entries is published in the print form in the year 2017 and also made available in the VCard format. It helps all LIS professionals in connecting with each others.

Research Limitations: The “Directory of LIS Professionals in Assam” only covers LIS degree holders who are working on full time basis in the LIS field of any institute / organization within the geographic location of Assam.

Practical Implications: The output of the present work is a ready-to-use directory in multiple format i.e. print and mobile compatible form.

Originality/value: The method which is used in developing the Directory of LIS Professionals in Assam is a unique one and can be reproduced in any other subject.

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