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Winter 1-2020


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Information system is a collection of interrelated components that collect, process, store, organize, retrieve, manage and provide information to support business activities, decision making, and performance in an organization. Information systems use is a computerized database of information, organized, and programmed in a way that produces regular reports on the operations for every employee in the company. This paper presents findings from adapted questionnaire on the extent of information systems use by employees in Lagos State of Nigeria.. The study was carried out using a survey design to collect data from 200 respondents in 10 companies. Data collected was analyzed and presented in tables. Based on the six variables model of information systems use, the study still found the level of information systems use among employees in food and beverage companies in Lagos State, Nigeria to be high (Mean= 3.03, SD=0.67). It can be concluded that despite the negative perception of people to information systems use in these companies, employees’ extent of information systems use was still high. It can be recommended that employees should be allowed to use information systems to boost their performance on the job, to meet the business challenges and demands especially in this information age



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