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Winter 2-22-2020


As the world continues to urbanise with attendant consequences on food security and poverty level, urban agriculture is becoming increasingly important. Interestingly, most of the urban farmers have consistently applied indigenous knowledge in their farming practices with considerable positive results. This study aimed at examining the role of indigenous knowledge in urban agriculture using Minna, Nigeria as a case study. The objectives were to evaluate the application of indigenous knowledge in agricultural production by the farmers and to assess the extent of the farmers’ application of indigenous knowledge to farm management. Applying the field survey approach, the study adopted the systematic random sampling technique to sample 384 respondents to whom structured questionnaire was administered. Descriptive data analysis technique was adopted and data presentation was made with the aid of tables and graphs. It was discovered that majority (56.77%) of urban farmers are married, more than 98% are above 18years old and up to 94% are nod educated beyond secondary school level. However, more than 85% earn above N20,000 which implies that they earn considerably above the minimum wage. The dominant indigenous farming practices in the study area are the use of local hoes for soil tillage, sun drying of farm produce, preservation by smoking and storing of produce in silos and barns. It was recommended that the farmers should be enlightened and encouraged to enrol in adult education classes to improve their literacy level, thereby improving their productivity. The need for extension services to the farmers to educate and inform them on the benefits of incorporating blending formal knowledge with indigenous knowledge for better output was also suggested.



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