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The interest of the younger generation in Indonesia to pursue the world of films began to show an increase. Universities responded to the high interest by opening study programs in the field of film. This positive condition expects to expand further and deepen knowledge in the field of film that can be generated by research in the field of film. Therefore we need a mapping of the distribution of film research topics in Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to examine trends in film research in Indonesia. The study underwent an analysis of several publications in indexing institutions. The method used is quantitative descriptive. The results obtained are research trends in the field of film in Indonesia, which have begun to increase quantitatively. However, research topics in the field of the film have not been able to fill the knowledge gap in the field of film, especially research related to the fields of Film Production, Film Distribution, Film Promotion, Film Technology, Film Viewers, Film Business, and Film Industry. Therefore, more research should be directed to these fields, because these fields are fields that graduated students from the film study program should master, to fill the job market in the field of film needed by users.