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Digital repository is an important concept in research communities. It has plays an important role to promote the research activities in an open access environment. There are large number of repositories available in an online integrated system. ORCID is a repository to researcher for uploading the research papers and other resources. The main objectives of this paper is to explore the access of ORCID records through DSpace and EPrints for easy management of digital information resources. Apart from this it is also show the ORCID connectivity with Eprints where library professionals can easily be import the metadata for easy retrieval of information resources among the users and research communities. This can increases the open knowledge access system through IDR tools and techniques for the betterment of research and information services. This digital repoitory provides a persistent digital object identifier that distinguishes from other information researchers and its offering various types of services which independent link to organizations and research identifier by institutions, publishers, funders, digital information services and other specific services.



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