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Advances in ICT and increased availability of e-resources at affordable cost during the past few decades have brought radical changes in the way information is gathered, stored, organized, accessed, retrieved and consumed. The present study analyses the impact and usefulness of E-resources on delivering knowledge in contemporary learning environments of medical colleges in Kerala. The main objectives of the study are to identify the level of awareness, purpose, frequency, access points, key constraints and level of satisfaction towards the use of e-resources among the undergraduate students of Medical colleges. A descriptive survey method was chosen by using a well-structured questionnaire as a tool to collect relevant data from the students. The findings of the study reveal that the majority of the respondents were aware of the e-resources and it is mainly used for the purpose of preparing for higher studies. Even though the cost of the e-resources is the major constraint preventing them from practical use, it has improved their learning/professional competence and increased dependency over print media.



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