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The primary purpose of this article is to do classification and thematic analysis of previous research on customer frustration using a systematic mapping study (SMS). The main research was carried out by combining automatic and manual search. The automatic search was through electronic journal database references: ProQuest Research Library, EBSCOhost: Academic Search Complete, Google Scholar, Emerald Insight and Scopus, while the manual one was performed on Google search with the snowball sampling method. A total of 28 studies on costumer frustration in the form of journal articles and proceedings were included in the inclusion criteria. The results of the mapping show that: 1) the object of study on customer frustration is dominated by the quality of service and the internet, therefore, in the future it can be developed in other objects and subjects, 2) the context of costumer frustration is defined as a negative emotional reaction because consumers' goals are not accomplished or hindered, hence research needs to reinforce this definition so as not to be ambiguous with other definitions of negative emotions, especially anger, 3) the location of the research still needs to be expanded, and 4) quantitative and qualitative or mixed approaches can be applied.

Keywords: systematic mapping study, customer frustration, research