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This study examines the role of the Children’s Centre, University of Nigeria, Nsukka in enhancing literacy learning among primary school age pupils of Nsukka Local Government Area. The study is a case study that employed qualitative method. Four specific objectives guided the study. Five members of the Children’s Centre were purposively selected to participate in the study. An unstructured questionnaire and oral face to face interview were used for data collation. The data collated were coded, sorted, interpreted and presented in narratives. Findings revealed that Children’s Centre contributed in enhancing literacy development among primary school pupils in Nsukka Local Government Area, Enugu State, through school library development, workshops for head teachers and teacher librarians amongst others. The study concludes that the Children’s Centre has contributed immensely in transforming the lives of Nsukka children and at the same time helped to design a world free of child poverty for future generations as being literate is a condition for gainful employment and better living condition.



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