Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The aim of the present paper is to know the current status of various library services provided by different Under Graduate (U. G). College libraries of Barak valley, Southern Assam. The tremendous development in Information Communication Technology and their application in the various aspects of libraries have opened a new door for the libraries and users alike. In the age of Information Technology, there is a huge change in the methods and techniques of seeking the information and way of information dissemination on the other hand. The College Library System is a type of information system which is supposed to provide equity access to information and the world of knowledge to its user community. The seekers of knowledge and information are general public irrespective of their sex, caste, religion, age and wealth. Primary Mission of every library is not only to provide information and knowledge from its own resources but also from other institutions. But, unfortunately the College libraries of Assam are not fully automated, due to the lack of Library building space efficient IT infrastructure as well as insufficient and skilled library staffs. So college libraries of are not able to satisfy their users.

The present study was carried out during last quarter of year 2019. For that purpose, survey method has been adopted, which comprises of structured questionnaire filled up by college librarian / library in charge of different colleges and a set of users questionnaire responded by different users of the colleges. On the basis of filled up questionnaire received from the respondents, data has been analysed and tabulated using Microsoft Excel Software. For data analysis percentage technique, has been adopted. The paper highlights the important survey findings in respect of status of various library services provided by different U. G. College libraries of Barak valley of Assam.



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