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The study is conducted with the purpose to determine the attitude, perception and the pattern of knowledge sharing among visually impaired students of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. Appropriate pattern was formulated for data collection wherein schedule was used to gather data from 76 visually impaired students, the data so collected was analysed using SPSS (ver.23). The results formulated out of the analysis confirms that the visually impaired students consider knowledge sharing as a best practice as they frequently practicing it among their peer groups through various channels of communication e.g. audio material, URLs of websites, etc. The purposes of KS, the reasons which motivate and those which reduce the practices of so were also highlighted. In addition, the study also provides suggestive measures which will improve knowledge sharing practices among these students. Further, it is anticipated that the present study will help in developing a general understanding and awareness regarding knowledge-sharing behaviour of visually impaired students. Moreover, the study is a good contribution to literature because of dearth on the current topic.



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