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Knowledge management is an efficient way of improving service provision and employee satisfaction. The study tends to examine the correlation among knowledge sharing, and use and career fulfillment in law libraries in Nigeria. Survey design of correlation type was adopted using a population and sample of 113 personnel drawn from ten universities with fully functionalised law library through the census sampling technique. Results show that there were positive relationship between knowledge sharing (r = 0.256), use of shared knowledge (r =0.569) with career fulfillment. Their pool effect contributes 32.6% variance to career fulfillment with knowledge use contributing more (β = 0.769, sig, = 0.000) when compared to knowledge sharing (β = 0.056, sig, = 0.67). Both knowledge management practices had significant effect (F = 19.329, sig. = 0.000). It was recommended that training of law library personnel on effective knowledge management will be excellent.



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