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This paper discussed the state of prison libraries and its services to the prison inmates in Nigeria. It takes a look at the collaboration of Nigerian Prisons Service with National Open University Nigeria (NOUN) and the NGOs. Problems that hinder the development of prison library services in Nigeria such as inadequate funding and space, difficulties in accessing information materials, and poor infrastructure, and poor collection management and management of prison by non-professionals, among others were examined. The roles of prison libraries in integrating the prison inmates back to society were also discussed. It was however recommended, in order to improve the library services in Nigerian prison that there is a need for proper funding of Nigerian prison libraries by government, while the body should also partner with Non-government organisations (NGOs), and improve on collection development policies. Provision of easy access to all the information materials available was also stressed along with management of prison library by librarians as parts of the solutions to various problems confronting libraries used by inmates in their struggle for survival, reconstruction, corrections, and final reintegration into Nigerian society.



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