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The purpose of this study is to explore the growth and development of periodical literature on “Mobile Technology” from the March 2002 to March 2019. The bibliographic data of the articles has been collected from the 18 leading peer-reviewed journals by using keywords such as “Mobile Technology”, “Smartphone”, “SMS” etc. indexed in Emerald database ( For analyzing and interpretation, a bibliographic detail of the articles such as author, title, year, types of paper, place of publication, source, etc has been recorded in the MS-Excel sheet (2007). The result indicates that a total 113 articles on Mobile Technology published in 18 leading peer-reviewed journals and it’s indexed in the emerald database during the March 2002 to March 2019. Further, the study reveals that 2014 was the most productive year 17 (15.04%) in terms of growth of LIS literature on Mobile Technology. It has also been observed that a total of 23 (20.35%) articles on Mobile Technology published in “Library Hi-Tech News” followed by Library Hi-Tech 22 (19.47%). The USA is the most productive country 29 (25.66%) in relation to the contribution of LIS literature. The study is based on 113 research articles published since March 2002 to March 2019 and it seems while collecting data from the emerald database that publication of articles on mobile technology was started from 2002. The whole research work is carried out under the umbrella of research ethics and its outcome might be helpful for the other research scholars.



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