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Summer 3-10-2020


Librarians in various tertiary institution of learning require relative developmental incentives apart from their field professionalism which to a greater extent influence their commitment to librarianship career. The aforementioned is either assertive or deniable hence the investigation of motivation as predictor of career commitment of librarians in universities in South-South Nigeria. Two research questions guided the study and one hypothesis was formulated at 0.05 level of significance. A correlational survey was adopted for the study. The population comprised 197 librarians in federal and state universities in South-South, Nigeria. The entire population was used as the sample size because of the small size of the population. Two instruments titled “Work Motivation Questionnaire and Career Commitment Questionnaire (WMQ&CCQ) were used for the study. Also, the reliability of the instruments was done using Cronbach Alpha to determine the internal consistency of the items. Out of the 197 copies of questionnaires administered to respondents (librarians), 193 were retrieved. The research questions were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics such as aggregate score and simple regression analysis. The hypothesis was tested using regression analysis. The findings of the study show that the career commitment of librarian is high. Work motivation has contributed positively to career commitment and significantly predict career commitment. The study concludes that work motivation significantly predict career commitment. It was recommended that university management and university librarians should ensure that the condition for services and other incentive should be made more attractive and motivating to boost commitment of librarians.



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