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Purpose –The purpose of the paper is to recognize different errands and responsibilities that the UAE academic libraries must undertake towards the trendy changes in researchers’ information seeking behavior, and fulfill to the advancements carried in by the emergence of Research 2.0.

Design/methodology/approach– The researchers comprehensively reviewed the appropriate literature related to the academic libraries’ activities viz., information literacy (IL) education, research data services (RDS), awareness-raising, and support individual faculty members in the United Arab Emirates.

Findings – The UAE librarians organize information literacy education for the students of all programs, primarily to research scholars and faculty in both Arabic and English languages. The faculty members are supported with discipline-specific databases, print and digital versions of books and journals along with other online services. Regarding raising awareness, library professionals in the country actively involved in the transformation of all types of knowledge sources and their updates to all stakeholders of the education, whereas research data service is slowly gearing up in many academic libraries.

Originality/value – The paper proposes to be an addition to the body of knowledge about academic library support through information literacy, awareness raising, faculty attention and research data services to researchers in the UAE.



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