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Summer 5-1-2020


Background: Antibiotic is a medicine that gradually reduces the effect of the bacteria available in our body and kills it, but if antibiotics are used continuously, the mutation in bacteria creates a resistance to it, which is called antibiotic resistance, and if antibiotic resistance has occurred then these antibiotics cannot kill the bacteria and patient may die. Objectives: Antibiotic medicine is closely related to human life and day by day antibiotic resistance increasing, so there is a need to count the research productivity of Indian scientists on AR. This study was undertaken to examine the research productivity of the literature published on antibiotic resistance indexed by the Scopus database from 2010 to 2019. Methods: Data were extracted from the Scopus database developed by Elsevier in the Netherlands. (TITLE (antibiotic resistance) AND PUBYEAR > 2010 AND PUBYEAR < 2019 AND (LIMIT-TO (AFFILCOUNTRY,"India”) ) ) are used in one query. A total of 445 papers were retrieved for this study which indexed by the Scopus database from 2010 to 2019. Results: This is the find out that the most productive year is recognized as 2017 with 67 (15.05 %) articles. Maximum AGR 61.90 percent was recorded in the year 2012 while the minimum (-) 22.22 percent AGR recorded in the year 2011. Maximum 0.58 RGR was recorded in the year 2011 and the minimum 0.14 RGR recorded in the year 2019. Maximum 4.95 Dt is calculated in the year 2019 while the minimum of 1.19 Dt is recorded in the year 2011. Karolinska Institute ranked 1st with 16(3.59 %) publications and the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research secured the first position with 15(3.37 %) articles among 159 Journals. Tamhankar, A.J. is ranked topmost productive corresponding author (1st position) with 11 articles. Conclusions: The number of antibiotics is almost certain and too many antibiotics have almost the same family and formula. Now, if antibiotic resistance is made in this case, it will be very difficult to prevent the infection of bacteria and this will increase the number of people who die. There is needed to be evolving in more research on antibiotic resistance at the national level.



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