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Summer 3-18-2020



The use of social media is contemporarily very common among Nigerian undergraduates. This in the long run is likely to affects their English composition skills. This study therefore investigated the use of WhatsApp, Facebook and Imo as a correlate of composition skills among undergraduates of English language in the Adeyemi College of Education, ACE, Ondo. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select 25% of 300 level undergraduates population from each of the three degree awarding departments (English, Yoruba and French) from the School of Languages in ACE, Ondo. The sample size was 100. A questionnaire tagged Social Media Use and Composition Skills Questionnaire, SMUCSQ, was used in the study. Out of the 100 questionnaire distributed, 98 were returned and found useful. Therefore, the study’s response rate was 98%. Four research questions were provided answers to in this study. The study found out that Facebook usage was very low, WhatsApp usage was high, while that of Imo was very low. It was also found out that the respondent composition skills was high while there was a negative implication of the use of WhatsApp, Facebook and Imo on Undergraduates composition skills. It was recommended that undergraduates should make good use of other media apart from the four in this study so that they are not limited to one or few source of information and Government should formulate policy that will make social media use part of the higher institution curriculum.

Keywords: Social Media, Social Media Use and Composition Skills.



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