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Spring 3-24-2020


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Available at (Accessed on 15th Feb, 2020).


Dear Editor,

This paper is an original work, kindly published in your prestigious journal in Spring session in 2020, in the discipline of Library and Information Science please.


“Research Productivity of Tourism Literature (Global Level): A Scientometric Analysis based on publication indexed in web of science during the year from 2015 to 2019. A total of 16,941 numbers of (Sixteen Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-One) records have retrieved. Data were analyzed using the HistCite software and MS-excel. The study analyzed in different aspects such as (1) year-wise distribution of publication,(2) types of documents, (3) language-wise distribution, (4)Institutional wise publication, (5) country-wise distribution, (6) author wise publications, (7) relative growth rate, (8) Journal wise publication and (9) keywords distribution in publication and tune with the goals of the study. The study also analyzed the highest and lowest records above mentioned different aspects of tourism literature published in the study period. Studies come to conclude based on publication indexed in "web of science" during the years from 2015 to 2019 is that the scientometric study may assistance to expand the better research productivity of India and Global level tourism literature.



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