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Idiku, F.O, Ogbonna, K.I, Ogar, P.O., & David, G.M.(2020). Weather Information Needs of Displaced Artisanal Fishermen in Bakassi Pennisula Nigeria. Libray and Philosophy of Practice (e-Journal)


Bakassi Pennisula Nigeria



Information on weather forecast is necessary to guide fishermen on their fishing adventure. The purpose of this study was assessed the weather information needs of displaced fishermen in Bakassi Pennisula, Nigeria. This study was conducted in Bakassi which is a peninsula on the Gulf of Guinea that lies between latitudes 4°25′ and 5°10′N and longitudes 8°20′ and 9°08′E. It has an area of 665 km² (257 sq mi) with displaced Fishermen settling in the area who were the main respondents. It was a descriptive study. One hundred and five (105) displaced fishermen were randomly selected as respondents using snowball sampling technique and questionnaire were administered to them to elicit information. Descriptive statistics like simple frequencies and percentages were used to analyzed data collected. The findings revealed that male dominated fishing activities using simple rented canoes. Majority of the respondents (90) sought for weather forecast information frequently and almost all the respondents (100) prefer such information be disseminated in local language (Efik). More so, other information needs of respondents include market conditions and daily price fluctuation among others (105). In conclusion, information is a gateway and proper weather forecast to the displaced fishermen can go a long way to prevent incidence of death and injuries on the high sea.

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