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Public Relations is a study that is part of the communication science family at a faculty in tertiary institutions in Indonesia. The graduates of this study program have produced thousands of research titles since they were established as independent study programs in 2013. Based on the track record of research results recorded in the university's repository, it is known that there are research trends relating to the development of international public relations scholarship. This is influenced by technological developments and globalization. These developments have led to a diversity of research topics carried out by graduates of public relations study programs. Therefore, this study aims to map research topics that have been documented, in order to sharpen the research direction of prospective public relations practitioners, as well as to contribute to strengthening the courses contained in the curriculum of study programs. The method used is descriptive quantitative based on secondary data. The results showed that the research topics produced by graduates of public relations study programs at a tertiary institution were more directed to topics that led to the profile of graduates with competencies as Public Relations Officer/Corporate Communications, and Public Relations Consultants.



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