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Fall 4-8-2020


The study investigated influence of preservation techniques and access to digital resources on the research output of Liberians and lecturers in Federal university libraries in Northern Nigeria. Three research questions and research objectives respectively guide the study to capture types of digital resources and preservation techniques utilized as well as access tools that facilitated the use of digital resources to enhance research output of librarians and lecturers. Descriptive survey research design was used and the target population consisted of 12,691 academic staff with breakdown of 161 librarians working in ICT unit of university libraries as well as 12,539 lecturers in various faculties in the 22 universities in Northern Nigerians. Multi-stage sampling techniques viz-a-viz proportionate stratifies sampling techniques was used to select 377 lecturers and 79 Liberians in nine universities. Two set of four point rating scale questionnaire was design and administered on 386 respondents. Mean and standard deviation was used to analysed data. Result showed that e-journal article, digitization and library catalogue top the list in terms of digital resource, preservation techniques and access tools used in research output of academic staff in federal university libraries in Northern Nigeria. Digital resources were used to disseminate research output. The conclusion was that e-journal article serve as plat form for convening current research findings and that digitization is the modern method of preserving paper- based materials in libraries. Easy access to information resources is made possible through library catalogue. The study recommended that management to universities in northern Nigeria should motivate academic staff to make scholarly contribution to other resources (text book, technical report etc) were among others.



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