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Spring 4-16-2020


Open access to journals increase visibility and its utility among the users. Different innovative research findings and developmental trends of any field is directly reflected on scholarly journals of related area. Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), the community-curated online directory was started with 188 journals among which 174 were journals in English Language in 2002-03. Present study was made to analyze each and every essential aspects of DOAJ from its beginning to 2019. Till 04-05-2019, the no. of open access journal in English language is increased to 6003 from102 countries in 20 well known subjects. Metadata was collected from DOAJ database analyzed with Microsoft excel. The result of the study reveals that the first four contributing countries are developed countries like UK, US, Poland, Switzerland etc. and highest no. of DOAJ index journals are from medicine field. Since most of the DOAJ index journals are in medicine field and developed countries are emerged as highest contributing countries to DOAJ, an assumption can be made from the present study that developed countries are more advance in research in the field of medicine more than the developing countries like India.



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