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This study aims to investigate the level of the use of the Ministry of Education and Culture Library website through the End User Computing Satisfaction (EUCS) model. This type of research is explanative with a quantitative approach. Data collection was carried out by distributing questionnaires to 99 users of the Ministry of Education Library who used the library website. This research questionnaire was tested for validity and reliability using Cronbach's Alpha technique and IBM, SPSS, V25, software. The results show that user satisfaction using the Ministry of Education and Culture Library website can be considered as a good website. The average score of the Content dimension is 3.14, the Accuracy dimension is 3.07, the Format dimension is 3.17, the Ease of use dimension is 3.21, the Timeliness dimension is 3.05 and for user’s satisfaction is 3.04. These dimensions are on an interval scale of 2.52 - 3.27, thus it can be said that the website is good enough. This research recommends that the timeliness dimensions need to be improved in terms of quality to provide quick information for the users. Thus, the users will be satisfied with the website services provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture Library. Indeed, the importance of the library website should be measured and assessed periodically by using the Model End-User Computing Satisfaction to increase information services for users to develop national education.



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