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Objective: The aim of this study was to determine whether there is an associated effect between the socio-demographic characteristics and the cervical cancer health literacy levels of female secondary school teachers in Anambra State.

Design: it is a descriptive survey of 3,031 female secondary school teachers using a self – administered questionnaire. Analysis was done with descriptive statistical methods and Chi-square tests.

Results: Six socio-demographic factors were studied using properly filled and returned copies of the questionnaire from 2,186 teachers. Cervical cancer health literacy was seen to have associations with age, years of teaching experience, educational qualification and number of children the respondents have. For marital status and family history of cervical cancer, no significant association was indicated.

Conclusion: Certain socio-demographic factors have associations with health literacy, while others do not. This established clearer view will aid health stakeholders in intervention measures for mitigating cervical cancer rising menace in Nigeria.

Originality/value: This paper adds to the extremely scanty literature on the relationship between socio-demographic characteristics of female teachers and their cervical cancer literacy in Nigeria. It is to provide government and other stakeholders with information for appropriate cervical cancer intervention targeting the female population.

Paper type: Original empirical research article.

Keywords: health information, health literacy, cervical cancer literacy, female teachers’ cervical cancer literacy, socio-demographics and cervical cancer literacy, cervical cancer information.



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