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Knowledge sharing among students is perceived as one of the most convenient and effective way to obtain knowledge. Knowledge sharing among academics students enhances the ability to seek studies-related help from one another and facilitates achieving outcomes of collective learning. Therefore, this paper investigates the knowledge sharing behaviours and patterns of Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology Students of National Institute of Construction Technology, Uromi. The descriptive survey method was used. Questionnaire responses from 27 students were analysed to address questions related to how knowledge is shared between students and what motivates students to share knowledge. The study highlighted the barriers in knowledge sharing among students and level of their satisfaction. The major findings of the study revealed that students preferred using social networks in knowledge sharing. What motivates students in sharing knowledge is trust. The study also revealed that the most barriers in knowledge sharing among students are low self-esteem and illiteracy. Student’s satisfaction in knowledge sharing is moderate. The study concludes that the influence of social networks can be used to motivate students to collectively share and reflect on what they have learnt. In order to achieve knowledge effectiveness, individual knowledge needs to be shared. The study recommends that knowledge sharing should be encouraged among students, conferences and excursions should be vigorously carried out to create further awareness of knowledge sharing among students and the areas of networking as subject of knowledge sharing should be highlighted since it is the most preferred channel of knowledge sharing.



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