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Entrepreneurship is considered as sin qua non to the well being of an individual, most especially in a developing economy like Nigeria where unemployment and quest for white Collar jobs is on the increase. It then becomes necessary to inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit from the cradle. As a child cannot walk immediately the child is born, so will an individual who does not have the necessary entrepreneurial skills at childhood stage cannot or may find it difficult to be self employed at adult stage. At teething stage, little attention is paid to the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills. Librarians have a role to play in this. The paper explained how libraries can make a difference; the authors explored different programmes and services the librarians can put in place to develop entrepreneurial skills in children. In the course of this, challenges such as lack of awareness on the role of library by the populace, poor funding and lack of legislation were discovered. The paper concludes with a call for joint efforts of the stakeholders in making legislation and funding school and public libraries in a manner that through their services and programmes, the spirit and skill of entrepreneurship will be inculcated to children early in life.



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