Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The devastated effects of Corona-virus Disease, 2019 (COVID-19) on humanity have grounded every sphere of human endeavour including university libraries. University libraries are so concerned about the safety and well being of its users hence, the struggle to put all mechanism in place for their maximum comfort. As a result, this paper discusses sensitization and awareness creation as tools for curbing the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on University Library users in Nigeria. Specifically, it looks at the emergence of COVID-19 and its global effect, effects of COVID-19 on university libraries, sensitization and awareness creation of COVID-19 pandemic by University libraries, Current Awareness Services (CAS); a device for sensitization and awareness creation of COVID-19 to library users, COVID-19 symptoms and mode of transmission, Preventative measures of Covid-19 and strategies on library users such as fumigation, use of internet and Web 2.0 technologies, provision of water, soap and hand sanitizers.



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