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Summer 5-1-2020


This paper aims to examine the Vidwan database and find the distribution of subject experts in engineering & technology of Deemed Universities in India. Vidwan is the expert database for national researchers network it helps the research community to maintain their academic profile and identify the experts from various subject domains in one place. We collected the data from Vidwan database manually and used Microsoft Excel for analysing the data. Frequency distribution, percentage analysis were used to rank for finding the highly performing the fields of expertise, the academic positions (designation of the researcher), organisations and states. There are about 4365 experts available from the Deemed Universities. Out of these, 1729 experts are available in engineering & technology domain . There are more experts in electrical and electronics engineering. Among the various designations, the experts in the range of Assistant Professors level followed by Professors are in more numbers. Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation and Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology have contributed more experts. Andhra Pradesh is leading in the number of experts in engineering and technology. Tamil Nadu is in third position.