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The COVID-19, become the critical health issues globally since its outbreak in China in December 2019, since, then the global research has spiked on this topic. The objective of the present study is to know the publications on COVID-19 by conducting a bibliometric analysis using available data on the Scopus database. The Selected documents related to COVID-19 extracted on 26th April 2020 from Scopus. The following analysis parameters used for this study are the pattern of authorship, international collaboration, document types, languages, published sources, affiliations, country-wise contributions, and citations. The present study analysed 3693 publications were available as on 26th April 2020 on Scopus from 116 countries. The highest number documents 51.16% published as articles, and the majority of them (94.40 %) are available in English. China has topped the list with 1053 (28.51%) publications with 5831 citations, while the USA (299) has the highest number of international collaboration. This study also found that Mahase, E. from the UK is the most prolific author with 31 publications, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China topes the affiliation list with 131, while BMJ Clinical Research Ed published the highest (125) articles.



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