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Summer 5-17-2020


This research aims to investigate the management and organization of theses collection held in university libraries of Punjab Province. It also examines the availability of theses in university libraries, procedures, and techniques applied to organize theses collection and provide access. The quantitative research method by using a questionnaire as a research tool has been applied to collect data from libraries. Results revealed that university libraries possess an adequate number of theses collection in hard and soft form. They are organizing a print collection of theses by using traditional methods. Users can use theses collection under the supervision of library staff and are not allowed to get a photocopy of required pages due to copyright issue. In most of the statements provided by the respondents from public and private sector university libraries, there was no significant difference in the opinion of respondents to organize and manage thesis collection in university libraries. The study recommended that university libraries should manage this important piece of collection by using digital repository development software in their libraries and ensure proper management of theses collection and its use by the research community around the globe. The study also recommended that e-theses should be submitted in the national repository so that no one can pirate this intellectual work and users may get the maximum benefit from this intellectual source of information.



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