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Summer 5-18-2020


The purpose of this study was to assess the digital skills of librarians working in university libraries. This study measures their digital skills to create and manage the digital library and the factors affecting their digital skills. The study also provides practical solutions to overcome those factors. This study used a mixed-method research design that is based on qualitative and quantitative research. In the first phase, an in-depth review of related literature was conducted to identify the research problem and formulate research objectives. Data were collected using a questionnaire and analyzed through SPSS software. An interview guide was developed to collect qualitative data from 50 key experts. A thematic approach was used to analyze data. The current status of digital skills of librarians working in university libraries of Pakistan is not encouraging to develop and manage a digital library. Results showed that library schools in Pakistan are not offering practice-based training to their graduates to develop their digital skills. There is a dire need to offer practice-based training and short courses for librarians working in university libraries of Pakistan to improve their digital skills. Experts recommended in-house training programs and hiring master trainers to improve the digital skills of librarians. The results of this research are limited to librarians working in university libraries of Pakistan. This study has practical implications for librarians, library schools, library administration, and university libraries to develop digital skills of librarians and combat the factors/issues that are affecting their digital skills. This study has not only identified the key factors/issues that are affecting the digital skills of librarians but also provides practical solutions on how to overcome those factors.

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