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This paper seeks to identify the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools available for students. It also investigates how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools benefits students’ in learning in a basic school in Ghana. A total of 60 students from Agorkpo D.A. JHS in the South Tongu District were surveyed. A descriptive design was used for the study. A set of questionnaires was used to collect data from the respondents. The entire questionnaires were retrieved and IBM Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 22.0 in combination with the Microsoft excel were used to analyse the data. Simple frequency tables were used to present the data. The study discovered that laptop was the most used ICT tool in the school investigated and the benefits students derive from the use of the ICT tools in the school included support for classroom teaching and learning, facilitation of skills learning, helps in contacting other people (building network) and assisted in vocabulary building. The study recommended that government and other stakeholders should support the school with ICT tools in order to promote teaching and learning.



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