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The present study investigates authorship trends and productivity among LIS professionals who contributed journal articles in the selected 12 peer reviewed LIS journals of India, US and UK. For the purpose of the study four periodicals from each country are chosen during the period 2007 to 2017. The results analyzed proved that journal wise author distribution is highest in the published literature of UK with (3546) authors followed by India with (3162) and US (2420) authors. The obtained values of ᵪ²= 66.331, ρ=0.05 found that there is an association between type of authorship and country. As India and UK accounted for more number of collaborative works while US has large number of solo article contributions. The data analyzed shows preference towards collaborative research in all the three countries with little variations. Lotka’s law have been applied and tested using Pao’s method and verified through Kolmgorov-Smirnov (KS) test. The application of Lotka’s law when applied individually on author’s data set of published literature of India with Dmax value=0.0238 and critical value=0.046, proves that observed authorship data holds good for Lotka’s law in the authors’ data . But with Dmax value=0.1362 and CV=0.04 in the author distribution of US and D max value=0.2520 and CV=0.04 of UK, does not support lotka’s law. Overall the results of the K-S tests proved that author productivity distribution does not fits Lotka’s law in the subject of library and information science in scholarly research output in Library and information science published journal literature of US and UK.