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Libraries have been under closure due to lockdown enforced as a measure to tackle COVID-19. This study has been conducted with an aim to investigate the status of the University Libraries of Assam in providing library services through Social Media during lockdown. Structured questionnaire were sent to the University Librarians of 4 Universities of Assam ranked amongst top 100 universities of India in the India Rankings, 2019 by NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework). It is found from the results that WhatsApp is the most used social media for delivering library services during lockdown. The study also revealed that ‘Access to open access resources’ is the most delivered library service during lockdown. It was found beneficial by the libraries to use social media for delivering library services during lockdown. ‘Low response of user’ was found to be the mostly faced challenge by the University Libraries in delivering library services through social media during lockdown. The study suggests that the libraries should provide information to make their users aware about COVID-19. The study concluded that the library users should be made aware about the availability of social media services of the libraries for optimum utility of the service.



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