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Winter 1-10-2021


The study aimed to identify the trends and characteristics of the publication on the novel coronavirus. A total of 2661 publications from Scopus downloaded in the bib.text andCVSformat for 25 years to analyze by using scientometrics analysis software, namely Bibliometrix and Vosviewer. The results show that there is very little research conducted before 2002, but exponentially increased after 2003 and 2020 shows the highest number of publications (779). The result reveals that the 1806 publication is in the form of research articles, i.e., 68%. "University Of Hong Kong" has produced the highest publication, i.e., 362. The "Journal of Virology" (JIF = 4.324) has ranked1 interms of the number of total publications (173), total citation (9618), g index (90), and h index (57) respectively. "Yuen KY" found as the prolific author (75) and has more collaborative publication (62) as well. The author's keyword "coronavirus" considered the more reliable keyword. The most cited (TC = 2194) article is "A Novel Coronavirus Associated with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome" by Ksiazek TG (2003). The study is beneficial for researchers who are currently doing or planning research on coronavirus.



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